Learning from the retired

Balancing financial security with mental well-being

The experiences of today’s retirees offer a wealth of knowledge for anyone planning their retirement. By observing the paths already taken, future retirees can glean valuable lessons from the triumphs and challenges faced by those who have navigated this transition before them. This collective knowledge is crucial in shaping a retirement plan that balances financial security with mental well-being.
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Retirement matters

Making the right decisions today could boost your
retirement pot and make the future a whole lot brighter

When considering retirement planning, pension savings are a crucial component of your financial strategy and essential for a comfortable retirement. Securing the right professional advice is critical, as decisions made at this stage will significantly impact you and your family.
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Britain’s biggest pension taxpayers

How to make sure you avoid becoming one

Since 2015, individuals over the age of 55 with defined contribution (DC) pension pots have enjoyed full freedom to decide how to manage their pensions; purchasing an annuity (a guaranteed income for life) is no longer mandatory. More than 221 people fully withdrew a pension pot of £250,000 or more between October 2022 and March 2023[1], resulting in a tax bill of at least £97,500 each[2], according to new analysis of FCA figures.
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Financial protection

Ensuring a secure future for you and your loved ones

Nobody wants to consider what would happen if they became too ill to support their family financially. Financial protection is essential to creating peace of mind for your loved ones, but understanding what cover you may need can be confusing.
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Investing a lump sum

Received an inheritance, windfall, or proceeds from a business or property sale? But what next?

Receiving a lump sum of money, whether from an inheritance, windfall, or proceeds from a business or property sale, can be exciting and overwhelming. Deciding where to invest this money is crucial, and with numerous options available, it can be challenging to determine the best course of action.
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Quarter of retirees financially struggling despite paying off mortgage

Urgent need for effective financial strategies and support systems to ensure a dignified and secure retirement

According to a new study[1], around 21% of retirees say that, after paying off their mortgage, they are “unable to live fulfilling lives” due to insufficient retirement funds. This situation underscores the financial challenges many retirees face, even after achieving what many consider the major milestone of homeownership.
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